Town of Awendaw Comprehensive Plan Campaign

The Town of Awendaw is at the beginning stages of redoing its 10-year plan. Mandated by law, each municipal government is required to have a 10-year plan that shows vision, direction, resources, and a trajectory of where the Town desires to go. A Comprehensive Plan is a document created by local governments and residents to determine the community's focus and vision over a long-term of 10 years. As we start this process, you will find updated information on public workshops and public hearings locations and how you can get involved.  

Town Council approved the current members for the 2023 Steering Committee see below:

2023 Steering Committee Members:

Councilman Robert Causey
Councilman Rodney Porcher
Councilwoman Sheila Powell
Buddy Smith
Allen Rioux
Gervais McNeal
Dr. Delores Dacosta
Jessy Etheredge
Andrea Frazier
Jacelyn Porcher
Ronald Ravenell
Clayton Thompson
Valerie Lightfoot

Meeting Agendas

March 16, 2023
May 25,2023

 Public Workshop Survey
2023 Awendaw Comprehensive Survey

Documents and Presentations
Town of Awendaw Steering Committee Application 
The Ten Guiding Principles of Awendaw
2023 Initial Comprehensive Plan Presentation
Future Land Use Element Information
Awendaw Public House Board
Goals and Strategies Worksheet
May 25 Comprehensive Plan Presentation
Town of Awendaw Draft Comprehensive Plan Presentation (November 2023 old version)
Updated 2023-2024 DRAFT Comprehensive Plan Presentation (March 2024 new version)
Awendaw Comprehensive Plan Conditions
May 2024 Town of Awendaw Comprehensive Plan Staff Report (New Added Item 4/30/*2024)


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