Development in Awendaw is controlled by the Awendaw Zoning Ordinance, the Comprehensive Plan, SCDHEC waste treatment regulations and state and federal environmental regulations.  The majority of Awendaw is zoned Agricultural General (AG) which permits a residence for every 30,000 square feet of land if it meets SCDHEC’s standards.  This has been the primary zoning category in Awendaw since its incorporation in 1992.  Therefore, the de facto definition of “medium density” has been 1.45 units per acre. 
This has been the standard density in Awendaw since 1992.  The Zoning Ordinance initially had a provision that if public water or sewer was available, residential lot sizes may be reduced to 12, 500 square feet.  It was decided as part of the 2004 Town of Awendaw Comprehensive Plan process that this density was too much for the majority of the Town.  Since the Town of Awendaw was installing its first phase of a public water system, almost the entire Town would have been available for 12,500 square foot lots in the near future.   Therefore, the Zoning Ordinance was amended and the 12,500 square foot lot size was removed from the AG category as a matter of right.  A new category – Residential – was adopted for the settlement areas.  This action dramatically reduced the potential number of units that could be built in Awendaw.  Also, a new Conservation zoning category was adopted allowing 1.0 units per acre.  The only tract zoned Conservation at the present time is the Birds of Prey property.

The Town also has several zoning districts that permit commercial development. The General Commercial district is present in a few locations where it was established by the County prior to the Town’s incorporation.  Office Residential permits office and service uses where a residential style structure is required.  The Town Center district is designed for the intersection of Doar and Seewee Roads and requires architectural and site plan approval.  The final district is the Planned Development which may be residential or a combination of commercial and residential. It also requires architectural and site plan approval.  Some developments using the Commercial Planned Development zoning are the Tractor Supply, Seewee Outpost and Dollar General developments.

Town of Awendaw Zoning Ordinance

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Town of Awendaw Zoning Map
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