Housing (2)
                      Town of Awendaw Housing Rehabilitation Program
                                                                                   Ms. Donna F. Steed, Housing Coordinator

The Purpose and Benefit of Grant Funding:

A major concern of low-income homeowners in the Town of Awendaw is keeping up with necessary but costly repairs. This is particularly true of older homes with weathered roofs, worn siding, outdated plumbing, and heating system, damaged septic's, drafty windows, or outmoded electrical wiring. 

To help solve this problem, we rely on resources made available through CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds (HUD program).

The Low-Income Homeowners in Awendaw:
  • Are elderly persons with a physical limitation and/or disability.
  • Are below the 80% median income and no repairs have been done for years.
  • Many homeowners, particularly those who are elderly and living on a fixed income, find themselves unable to afford the repair and maintenance of their home.
  • The program helps us to assist low-income homeowners, to help make necessary repairs to maintain safety and the energy conservation of their home.
  • It is a matter of community preservation. Many wonderful low-income families, own homes, but are unable to pay for expensive home repairs. As a result, their property becomes more and more dangerous and unhealthy to live in. Eventually, if there is no intervention, the home will fall in such despair that they are uninhabitable.
  • Once a home is vacated, because it is unfit for humans to live in, it soon attracts drugs, violence, and a seedy element, which negatively affects the whole community.
  • Water damage floors, New/leaking roofs, plumbing, water damaged ceiling, and termites.
  • New septic system, and/or septic repairs
  • Handicap Accessible Bathroom, Handicapped ramps, and electrical upgrades.

There is a process in getting assistance and an application must be filled out and reviewed. Once the application has been approved then the client is put on a list to be serviced.  The Town of Awendaw receives funding through Charleston County who receives funding through HUD. If you are interested in applying for assistance please feel free to call us Ms. Donna Steed at 843-931-8126. You can also download the application. 

Hours for Housing Department: Monday-Friday  10:30 am- 5:00 pm