History of Awendaw Planning
On June 2, 1998, Town Council adopted the following vision statement:
Managed growth is the key to Awendaw’s future. The Town should strive to maintain the existing rural character, yet grow to a moderate-density residential community that has conveniences and some light industrial areas. This growth should promote compatible economic development, safeguard the environment, preserve open space, and protect the aesthetic quality while enhancing safe, healthy living conditions. Sensitivity to the rural character of Awendaw and preservation of area waterways and forests will sustain the natural environment and enhance the quality of life of our citizens.

In 1999 the Town of Awendaw adopted its first comprehensive plan in conjunction with Charleston County who at the time handled all planning services for the Town. In 2001 the Town appointed its own Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission and hired its own planning staff.  In January of 2004 Town Council directed its planning staff to initiate the five-year review of its comprehensive plan as mandated by South Carolina law.  On September 2, 2004, Town Council adopted the updated comprehensive plan that was directed by Town staff and for which the Planning Commission served as the steering committee. The Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments was contracted to provide technical support.  This plan evaluated current conditions, trends, and issues related to the Town’s physical and social fabric, and the economic development of the community.  By defining goals, policies, and implementation strategies, this comprehensive plan guided public officials for the next five years in decision-making directed towards a vision for the town’s future.

In the fall of 2008, Town Council again directed planning staff to develop the state-mandated five-year comprehensive plan update.  Again the Planning Commission served as the steering committee while Town staff provided technical assistance and direction.  The new 2010 Town of Awendaw Comprehensive Plan was adopted on September 7, 2010.
 The 2010 Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2015.

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