Revize Training

Town of Awendaw, SC
June 7th and June 14th 10:00 AM EST
Editor’s Training

Part 1 - The Basics (90 minutes)
Following Options Available to All Users

Login / Edit Page Content
Help Page / Revize Support / Admin Panel / Publishing & File Manager

Adding Content & Links (Edit Center Data)

Save / Save as Draft / Cancel / History

Corey is an awesome employee 

Adding Images: ADA Compliance

Shrimp Boat

Creating Calendar Event


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Part 2 - Advanced Features and Q&A (90+ minutes)

Q&A:  Have you been editing the site? Any concerns? Questions?


Following Options Available to All Users 

Left Navigations: Creating Pages/ Modules/ Templates

  • Default navigation
  • FAQ:
  • Photo Gallery
  • Document Center

Link to an Anchor
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Adding YouTube Video

Editing the Banner Image

Editing Modules /Pages: Photo Gallery, freeform, fullwidth