Online/IVR Payments

We are pleased to announce that you can now pay your payments either online or using our IVR service. 

If you would like to make your payments online or using the IVR your account information must be updated with our personnel staff in the Water Department.  You will need your account number and the LAST FOUR numbers of your phone number.

If your account is scheduled to be DISCONNECTED you will NOT be allowed to use the system but you must call the Water Department at 843-931-8124.

Both the online portal and the IVR DOES NOT save your personal information so you will have to input the information every time you use these features.

For those who would like to have their bills automatically drafted each month and not have to mail a check or come in; you can come in and speak with the staff in the Water Department.

Online payments: or click Here

IVR: 1-844-967-7004

We are working efficiently to make things easier and better for you!