Former Councilmembers

Former Mayor W.H. Alston
Former and First Mayor of Awendaw
William H. Alston 1992-2009

Samuel Robinson
Former Mayor Samuel Robinson 2009-2013

Former Council Members

Former Councilwoman Delores Cooper 2005-2009

Former Councilman Jeff Coan- 1998-2007

Former Councilwoman Jewel Alston-Coan
Former Councilwoman Jewel Coan-1992-1997
Nell Daniels
Former Councilwoman Neil Daniels-2008-2013

Councilman Wilson Dingle
Former Councilman Wilson Dingle 

Councilman Tim Penninger
Former Councilman Tim Penninger

Former Councilman Lewis Porcher
Former Councilman Lewis Porcher- 1992-1996

Former Councilman Bryan McNeal Sr-1992-2002

 Former Councilwoman Bettye Simmons
 Former Councilwoman Bettye Simmons

Former Councilman Lewis White Sr.-1992-1997

Former Councilwoman Rachel White-1998-2002

Former Councilwoman Roberta Whiteside   
Former Councilwoman Roberta Whiteside