Update on COVID-19

The Town of Awendaw is fully active and taking the necessary steps to keep you updated and safe. This is a situation where it will take all of us to be wise, caring, and attentive as we handle the next few weeks. The Town of Awendaw has been on several conference calls with Charleston County and the EOC and making day by day plans while this situation is going on.
The Town of Awendaw is officially closed starting today 17th and until the 31st. We will monitor and take advice from upper governmental leadership and make the decision based on what is going on at the moment. If you need to contact us we will still be taking phone calls but the office will be closed to the general public.  If you need to pay your water bill you can use our online line service, call the IVR (for more information click here), place checks or money orders outside in the white box at Townhall, or send payments by mail. Staff will be working together to make sure payments are processed in a timely manner. We will NOT be disconnecting anyone for non-payment but we do require that you make your payments. Funds are used to pay utility bills and run the overall function of the water system. 
If you need to contact us you can via email at or call the main number 843-928-3100. 

Mayor, Council, and Staff are no experts in regards to the virus that is going but it is recommended to drink water at least every 15 minutes, to stay at least 6 feet away from individuals, to wash your hands regularly, and only travel and be out as needed. Please be safe and we will keep everyone updated as time goes on.